ONEinspect diagnostic software

accelerate your development

  • build cool animated visualisations and see every static symbol in real time

    Main screenshot
  • work fast with built-in visual designer and smart inplace editors

  • insert any symbol from debug information generated by your linker, including structure members, arrays etc.

    Variable editing
  • test low level communication with built-in terminal tool

    Terminal services
  • test your embedded systems with user friendly layouts

    Testing caps
  • create custom scripts to ease system integration and testing

    Scripting caps
  • use the ONEinspect Runtime Library to communicate with your system from miscellaneous operating systems

    Scripting caps
About icon

ONEinspect is an integrated debugging and testing environment with excellent real time performance. It greatly simplifies real time debugging and testing of your embedded application or a system the embedded application controls.

You can use ONEinspect for entire product lifecycle including:

  • firmware development
  • production test
  • servicing
  • remote diagnostics

With ONEinspect you can debug, test, and monitor your microcontroller application at any time and from anywhere in the world, provided you can connect to it.

With ONEinspect you can see every static variable in a number of ways, plot charts, create custom visualisations, write custom testcases with built-in scripting engine and perform many other tasks.

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The picture below explains the typical workflow:

ONEinspect block diagram

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Interested? Check our 30-day trial version! You may activate at any time during this period or anytime later, without the need of reinstall!

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Runtime library icon

The runtime library allows you to use ONEinspect kernel functionality in your own applications. This allows you to use the same communication interface both for debugging with ONEinspect and for your customer control applications.

The library natively runs on following operating systems:

  • Windows 32/64 bit
  • Linux 32/64 bit
  • OSX/Darwin 32/64 bit
  • Android arm/aarch64
  • iOS arm/aarch64

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Target Library icon

The Target Library is pure ANSI C code and we ship it with ONEinspect.

You can use this library to setup communication with ONEinspect very quickly.

You can also use samples for various microcontroller families. We deliver them with ONEinspect as well:

  • Freescale Kinetis K64f (now NXP)
  • Microchip PIC32
  • NXP LPC17xx
  • Renesas 78K0
  • ST Microelectronics STM32F4
  • Texas Instruments LM3S9xxx and Delfino TMS320*

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Connection icon

ONEinspect communicates with everything:

  • any MCU family supported (with up to 32-bit address width)
  • any publicly documented format of debugging information (DWARF, COFF, OMF etc.)
  • any communication protocol
  • any communication line driver

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Getting started icon

Best way to get familiar with ONEinspect is to view or use the samples shipped with ONEinspect.

The elementary workflow is quite simple. You develop your software as usual in your IDE  (e.g. Code Composer Studio, LPCXpresso, MPLAB ...).

To debug with ONEinspect you just add the Target Library to your code and load debug info generated by your linker. That's all!

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